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Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates

Gate Repair Canoga Park is not your typical run of the mill automatic gate service. Sure we use the best products in the industry for our customers, but we offer something more than that for those who enjoy our affordable, effective services.

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Residential Gates

Residential Gates

Welcome to Gate Repair Canoga Park where our customers receive residential gate service they can trust to be affordable and efficient. Our gate experts are proud to provide exceptional gate repair, gate & opener installation for our friends and neighbors in the community.

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Commercial Gate

Commercial Gate

No matter on which type of property it is installed, a damaged gate is inviting to trespassers and to wrongdoers of all sorts. On another side, it can be a serious hindrance to the regular traffic in and out of a commercial space, which translates to much stress and lost efficiency.

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Do you have questions on gate repair?

Find answers on how to maintain doors.

What are the possible causes of gate malfunction?

There are times when your gates do not function well. During these times, you have to run a maintenance check on the mechanisms of your gate. According to experts from Gate Repair Canoga Park you initially have to check if the mechanisms are getting enough electricity. Check on wirings and connections. You could also check transmitters and other devices as they might need a change of batteries.

What can cause gates to sag?

When gates sag, you have to immediately fix them as your security and safety will be put in danger. According to the specialists from Gate Repair Canoga Park, sagging gates are brought about by posts that became wobbly, defective hinges, and frames that are out of square. Posts become wobbly because they are rotten and need replacement. Hinges needs oiling or replacement too. Check on the alignment of the post and the gate

My gate operator opens quickly but takes a while to close. What is wrong?

First check if there are any obstructions in and on the tracks. If there are, clean the tracks thoroughly. Dirty sensors can also be the cause of the problem. Specialists from Gate Repair Canoga Park suggest that you wipe off any dirt on the sensors with a clean piece of cloth. Sensors are very sensitive that even a little speck of dirt causes it to be defective.

What type of finish is ideal for a wooden gate?

The finish should provide protection against water penetration and UV damage. An exterior grade paint and oil-based stain can help reduce the damage to the wood and increase longevity. These may require re-application every two to four years.              

What is a wireless gate intercom system?

It allows you to have phone contact with people at the gate and the transmitter and receiver are connected wirelessly, that is without cables. The signal between the two devices is transmitted at a special frequency. The professionals from our company in Canoga Park advise weighing the wireless system's pros and cons.

Why are pedestrian gates important?

Pedestrian walk through entrances close to your steel gate will help you avoid accidents. It's good to remember that residential gate openers are not made for pedestrian traffic control and anyway it's smart to keep off the lane where vehicles are driving fast.

Do wooden gates really expand or contract with temperature changes?

Unfortunately, wood does expand and contract as a reaction to significant temperature fluctuations. This is why gate specialists in Canoga Park and in other places where temperatures tend to vary widely always recommend giving room in the gate frames for this expansion. Occasional driveway gate adjustment will also be needed especially when the gate is erratically moving.

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